El Camino de Santiago de

desde León hasta Santiago - Mayo 2003

(pictures open in a separate window - just close them when done viewing)

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Antes de salir . . .
Musings before leaving, and some background information

Viajando . . .
From Houston to León by air, subway, and bus

Primero día
From León to Hospital de Orbigo - a surprisingly easy day

Segundo día
From Hospital to Rabanal - ethics, meta-ethics, and a blister to beat sixty

Tercero día
From Rabanal to Ponferrada - an iron cross and ghost towns

Cuarto día
Ponferrada to Pereje - at the end, a wonderful hostelling experience

Quinto día
Pereje to O Cebreiro and Hospital de Condesa - ¡Montanas!

Sexto día
Hospital to Calvór - Anchovy olives and ice cream for supper

Séptimo día
Calvór to Portomarín - still meeting new friends

Octavo día
Portomarín to Casanova - an unremarkable day

Noveno día
Casanova to Arzúa - a short walk, lots of visiting

Décimo día
Arzúa to Lavacolla - so close, and yet, so far

Undécimo día
Lavacolla to Santiago - a satisfying end to a long walk

Al fin de la terra
And the end of this walk as well

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