Pecos Wilderness Walk - August 2004

Kelia's sister's house in Taos - a wonderful staging site! The Santa Barbara campground, where we left civilization behind Elizabeth with clean clothes Ditto Troxel and Kelia A Sunday evening stroll in the woods
Pack trail along the Rio Santa Barbara Sunday evening camp in a level meadow With plenty of quiet time for napping ... or just talking Elizabeth does the bear thing to get the bear rope unstuck from a limb
First glimpse of the mountains Wonderful aspen stands The landscape opens up as we get higher Kelia collects water from a stream Apply a saturated iodine solution and wait 30 minutes, and you have tasty drinking water
We were worried about there not being enough water, but there was, all over the trails, even! Tired puppy dogs on Monday evening (all three of us!) We took all one-pot meals As I said, plenty of water! Apparently, it gets wet enough that these log trails have been built at low places
Our intrepid travellers early on Tuesday morning Shades of Ireland - mud and rocks! Elizabeth in the wildflowers A panoramic view looking south toward the ridge The view from on top the ridge
Trails converge on the ridge Wonderful vistas And more vistas But where is the trail we want? We worry about that AFTER lunch and a rest break
A view of what we called 'Serendipity Valley' - we just stumbled onto it Coming down from 12600 feet - the highest we got on this trip Over the ridge and back into trees Tuesday night's camp, near Pecos Falls And we're into an evening routine now
There was a lot less water on this side of the ridge - Kelia had to dig a trench to fit the Nalgene bottle into A view of the rain from under our dining fly - we decided to wait for the lightning to stop before crossing back over the ridge! But we were reasonably dry and comfortable And in fact, we just decided to take a nap, never mind the rain and hail Elizabeth, ready to go as the rain dies down
The rain made the track pretty muddy Just like Ireland all over again! Away from the ridge, it was drier And we found a cushy place to camp and eat our black bean soup and chocolate pudding ...even though there were a lot of (dry) cow pies everywhere
Hiking out on Thursday, the weather was glorious And everything was so green Troxel and Kelia (several views)   You may be seeing this image again on our holiday greeting card!
Rio Santa Barbara Back into the aspens Elizabeth's most excellent suggestion: soak our feet in the river before walking the last hour out of the wilderness    
    One last relaxing lunch before we exit And on the way out, we are surrounded by wildflowers in profusion Several views of the last hour's walk
        Elizabeth and Kelia entering the parking lot - dirty, but contented and relaxed!
Some of the wildflowers we saw

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